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Impact Statement

It’s not all about us, but at Global Amenities Direct we strive to create the very best in “on trend” and innovative products, at the same time being as eco friendly and sustainable as we can be.

We know this is not easy for one reason or another, budget or perhaps to do with head office directives, but we are also delighted to hear your ideas too. 

So, whilst we want to shout about how proud we are of the work we do, we also don’t want to bombard you with facts and figures about recycled plastic, soy ink, use of paper for packaging and the like.

We understand the requirements to reduce waste and plastic, especially more difficult in these times when we also are trying to reduce touch point items.

Please be assured that we do all we can to help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility needs.  If you have an idea , please do share with us and for our part we continue to let you know about new and innovative ideas and products.